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Redocly CLI commands

Documentation commands:

  • preview-docs Preview API reference docs for the specified API description.
  • build-docs Build API description into an HTML file.
  • preview Start a local preview of a Redocly project with one of the product NPM packages.

API management commands:

  • stats Gathering statistics for a document.
  • bundle Bundle API description.
  • split Split API description into a multi-file structure.
  • join Join API descriptions [experimental feature].

Linting commands:

  • lint Lint API description.

Redocly platform commands:

  • login Login to the Redocly API registry with an access token.
  • logout Clear your stored credentials for the Redocly API registry.
  • push Push an API description to the Redocly API registry.

Supporting commands:

  • completion Generate autocomplete commands (includes install instructions).

Additional options

There are some parameters supported by all commands:

--version displays the current version of redocly.

--help displays the command help, or the help for the subcommand if you used one. For example:

redocly lint --help

Try these with any of the other commands.

Config file

Redocly CLI comes with one primary configuration file (redocly.yaml), also known as the Redocly configuration file. This file defines all of the config options available to you, including the location of your files (for unbundling and bundling), and linting rules (for validation against the OpenAPI Specification).

The Redocly configuration file must sit in your root directory. If Redocly CLI finds redocly.yaml in the root directory, it uses the options set in that file when executing commands.

You can also specify a config file to most commands using --config myconfig.yaml as part of the command. For example:

redocly lint --config redocly-official.yaml openapi.yaml

For more information, refer to the Redocly configuration file docs.