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Use this command to check that everything in a Redocly configuration file is valid and in the expected format. Adding this check before using the configuration file with other commands can catch any problems at an early stage. This command uses the same mechanism as our API linting to match a file against an expected data structure.


redocly check-config
redocly check-config [--config=<path>]


--configstringSpecify path to the config file.
--lint-configstringSpecify the severity level for the configuration file.
Possible values: warn, error. Default value is error.


Default configuration file

By default, the CLI tool looks for the Redocly configuration file in the current working directory.

redocly check-config

Custom configuration file

Use the optional --config argument to provide an alternative path to a configuration file.

redocly check-config --config=./another/directory/config.yaml