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Redocly CLI

Redocly CLI is an open source command-line tool for working with OpenAPI descriptions, developer portals, and other API lifecycle operations including API linting, enhancement, and bundling.

redocly brings together the open source goodness with the rest of the Redocly offerings. Authenticate, update APIs, publish documentation, and use the other tools to manage, polish and share the APIs throughout the API lifecycle.

About Redocly and Redoc

Redoc is our open source API documentation tool. Use redocly (this project) to work with your Redoc documentation projects.

The Redocly CLI also supports many of the other operations you need to be successful working with OpenAPI. API linting, enhancement, bundling and other tools are also available as part of this open source CLI tool.

Redocly offers a full suite of API lifecycle tools as commercial offerings; you can manage those from this tool too.

Want to contribute?

Then join our active and supportive community! The source code is available on GitHub.