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How to Create an API Definition

Whether you want to build an API or you already have an API, you’ve come to the right place. In this webinar, you will learn how to create an API definition and what tool to use in the process. To get familiar with the concepts, we will go over many examples of well-executed API definitions.

Adam Altman
By Adam Altman
CEO & Co-Founder, Redocly

Your API definition should serve as a single source of truth for your API. It can be used to help both internal and external readers to understand what your API can do. Join our webinar to further learn how to create your own API definition using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). We’ll also showcase our lessons learned from helping hundreds of companies build their own definitions.

Register to learn:

  • Why having an API definition is so important

  • How to create an API definition with an API-design first methodology

  • Which tools to use to build the definition

  • What type of files is better for your situation

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