Redocly bridges the divide between documentation and innovation

The almighty API Economy is leaving more and more companies behind. We are here to change that.

API docs have become a make-or-break asset in today’s connected economy. Redocly helps companies make the most of their APIs by keeping documentation sleek, up to date, and ready for internal and external users. With minimal hand-holding and maximum ROI.

Our North-Star design principles

developer first

Developers first

Docs-like-code fully integrated with your delivery pipeline.

all in

Everyone all-in

Removing friction between API creators, documentarians and users.


On brand, on your terms

Full customization power for every part of your API consumer’s journey.

The Origin Story

Our co-founders
Roman & Adam

“If you want something done right, DIY”


Rebilly, a Texas-bred payments fintech, adopts OpenAPI but is severely disappointed in Swagger’s UI and performance. So they build their own documentation tool from scratch.


Redoc (Rebilly Documentation) sees the light and developers jump onboard en masse. 17,000+ GitHub stars and 10,000s of corporate users later, it’s the favorite open-source API documentation tool out there.


Following user demand and interest by leading investors, Redocly is launched as a premium SaaS: faster, feature-packed and catering to the enterprise of today... and tomorrow.


Redocly’s full product is used daily by over 10,000 corporate customers that value better, future-proofed API docs and developer experiences. Our story continues with you 👇

Redockers, assemble!

Adam Altman

Adam Altman


Roman Hotsiy

Roman Hotsiy


Patrick Chiang

Patrick Chiang


Come build the future of the API economy

We’re hiring! Come to Austin, TX, or work from the comfort of your favorite desk, lazy bag or sunlounger. We did remote-first way before it was cool 😷

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