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Use the login command to authenticate to the API registry.

When you log in, the preview-docs command starts a preview server using Redocly API reference docs with all of the premium features. Users who are not logged in see a Redoc community edition version of their documentation.

Also, you can access your members-only (private) API descriptions in the Redocly registry, and use the push command.

If you're having issues with the login command, use the --verbose option to display a detailed error trace (if any).



Go ahead and generate a personal API key; this key is needed to log in.

redocly login [--help] [--verbose] [--version]

redocly login --verbose


--configstringSpecify path to the config file.
--helpbooleanShow help.
--region, -rstringSpecify which region to use when logging in. Supported values: us, eu. Read more about configuring the region.
--verbosebooleanInclude additional output.
--versionbooleanShow version number.


redocly login
  🔑 Copy your API key from and paste it below:

  Logging in...
  Authorization confirmed. ✅