Docs-like-code with Redocly

Keeping APIs and docs in sync is the key to win at the API economy. Here’s why up to date is the way, and how Redocly helps you get there.

Fast vs. usable:
The APIdocs divide

With APIs growing at lightspeed, there’s a strong case for building them as fast as possible.

But when docs don’t follow suit, it gets harder to keep track and document new features. Then, work doubles, time shrinks, confusion sets in, and progress slows down.

That’s the problem that docs-like-code aims to solve.

“Realize that the further the docs are from the code, the more difficult it can be to keep in sync. Think about creating a culture where code changes don’t merge without corresponding doc changes.”

Anne Gentle, Docs Like Code (2018)

What’s docs-like-code?

Docs-like-code means treating documentation like you treat code — with tools, processes and approaches that are as unified as possible.

The end-game is merging API innovation and documentation into a cohesive flow, where you document new features as they drop, which helps you better understand your product as you go.

unify version control

Unify version control

Build product and write docs on the same Git, for everyone to see and contribute.

share techniques

Share techniques

Apply the same project management, Agile, Scrum, QA, versioning logic.

automate docs

Automate docs

When product and documentation are in sync, keeping docs current gets easier.


Bring people together

Developers write documentation as soon as features are dropped and writers work with them.

Redocly’s commitment to docking that code

The Redocly platform is built to be docs-like-code to the bone. Docs and APIs follow the same kernel of truth, all collaboration happens in one place, and we’re automating every bit of the documentation process.

Our docs-like-code process


Write everything in Markdown

You write all things docs in GitHub-flavored markdown (GFM) and React MDX. It’s home for developers, easy to learn for writers, and the gold standard for docs-like-code overall.


Git it all together

Your entire workflow is docs-like-code: our cloud layer Workflows lets you bring your entire docs pipeline on the same source control you normally use.


Automate docs from API definitions

Whenever you add a definition to the API registry (with built-in validation and linting) it becomes the source of truth for your API docs and portals. When the definition changes, Redocly notices and updates docs automatically.


Preview docs with staging environments

Build preview versions of docs, mocks, and developer portals automatically with every pull request. Bring stakeholders into the conversation before merging.


Launch amazing developer experiences, together

Your entire workflow is docs-like-code: our cloud layer Workflows lets you bring your entire docs pipeline on the same source control you normally use.

More docs-like-code features for your API documentation

API Registry

A single source of truth for your APIs including a snapshot of every change

Auto linting

Enforce an API styleguide for more consistent APIs.


Automatic virtualized servers that mock your API makes it more accessible.

Broken link checker

Detects broken links and images as an automated build step.

Access controls

Access control previews and production separately.

VS Code Extension

Instant lint and previews all the way into your IDE.

Upcoming features

Theme building

Eject React components for deeper customizations.


Easier styling with CSS variables.

50x performance boost

Rewrite from the core out results in 50x faster build times in our lab environments.



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