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Changing the world one API call at a time? Get set for growth with amazing docs at a 75% discount, only for fellow startups.


Think twice before you DIY your API docs

We see it happen all the time. Startups document their first APIs by writing their own tooling. Then, scope creep hits the fan and it’s time to migrate to a third party in a hurry. Goodbye, countless dev-hours 👋

Break the circle. Publish killer API docs on day one with a specialized product at a startup-friendly price.
Why YCombinator unicorn
Checkr switched to Redocly
after a long streak of dox-DIY
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Redocly is built for startups.
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docs fast

Superfast API docs

Build automagically from OpenAPI 3.0+ definitions. Style & update with ease.
lean collaboration

Lean collaboration

Create and document APIs in the cloud. Deploy away with your favorite Git.
built for growth

Built for growth

Super flexible and scalable. And we obsess over API docs tooling so you don’t have to.
docs fastdocs fastdocs fastdocs fast

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Future-prep your docs and documentation
process with our most powerful plan at a
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Billed annually
  • API reference docs
  • Developer portals
  • CDN hosting
  • Git integrations
  • Pull request Previews
  • 30 projects, 3 domains
  • SLA
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Startup eligibility requirements

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Young startup

Less than 3 years old.

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10 full-time employees or fewer.

Early stage

Up to $1M in funding or annual revenue.

Not a paid customer

New user, or user of Redoc or Redocly’s free plan.

Redocly saved us weeks of development by not having to build a developer portal ourselves. Using Redocly we stood up our developer portal with a rich featureset in a weekend.


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CTO of Adatree
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