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Redocly CLI quickstart guide

Take your first steps with the Redocly CLI by following the steps in this guide.

Before you start:

There's also an openapi-starter repository that you can clone and experiment with to get your bearings

Preview API documentation

Redocly CLI has support for showing a preview of Redoc rendering your API docs, which updates when the API description updates. Run the command:

redocly preview-docs openapi.yaml

The output takes a few moments to build, and then lets you know the host and port where the preview server is running - usually http://localhost:8080.

Open that URL in your browser, and admire your lovely API documentation!

Preview of API documentation

Lint an OpenAPI description

The lint command is used to check that the OpenAPI description is compliant with a set of rules. You can define your own rules if you want to be specific, but to get started, try this:

redocly lint --extends minimal openapi.yaml

The output shows any aspects where the OpenAPI doesn't meet the standard. If you get too much output, try adding the --format summary parameter to the command.

Feeling brave and highly API compliant? Try the recommended standard instead and see how yours measures up.