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Enable Apigee apps UI functionality

To start creating new apps using the Developer portal, you need to:

  • Set up environment variables.
  • Create three additional mdx pages to enable the Apps user interface in the Developer portal.
  • Enable navigation to Apps through the login menu.

Set up the Apigee proxy before you make these changes.

Set up environment variables

The Apigee UI components use environment variables for configuration.

Add your proxy details in an environment file named .env.production in the root of your repository with these three variables:

  • APIGEE_ORG_NAME: Enter your Apigee organization name. Your Apigee organization name is displayed under your profile in Apigee. Apigee organization name
  • APIGEE_PROXY_URL: Enter the deployment URL you generated in Task 3.
  • APIGEE_VERSION: (optional) Version of Apigee deployment: apigeex (default) or apigeeedge.
APIGEE_VERSION=apigeex #or apigeeedge

Commit this file to your repository.

Create MDX pages

Create these three mdx files in the root of your Developer portal repository.

title: Apps list
requestLogin: true

import { AppsPage } from '@redocly/developer-portal/apigee';
import { FullWidthLayout } from '@redocly/developer-portal/ui';

export default FullWidthLayout;

<AppsPage />
Further customization

If you wish to customize these components further, we are happy to share their source code with you.

Enable apps in login menu

Once you have created these pages, we recommend linking them using the login menu in the siteConfig.yaml.

  label: Sign in
  userAvatar: # can be false
    claim: picture
    fallbackLettersClaim: name
  userLabel: # can be false, but one of userAvatar or userLabel must be not false
    claim: name
    fallback: <unknown user>
    - label: Apps
    - separatorLine: true
    - label: Sign out
      logout: true

Build the portal

Commit your new and changed files to source control.

Redocly builds a production version of your portal when you commit (or merge your pull request) into your production branch.