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Set up redirects in Developer portal

Redocly supports redirects in Developer portal projects hosted in Workflows. You can set up portal redirects in any of the following ways:

  • on a page-by-page basis by using a list of redirectFrom absolute paths in Markdown front matter,
  • in a global redirects configuration file by mapping the source URL to the target URL.

Use redirectFrom in Markdown front matter

This approach creates 301 redirects from one or more URLs (sources) to the URL of a Markdown page (target). To add source URLs to a Markdown page, list the absolute paths under the redirectFrom key in the page front matter.

The absolute paths must be provided as items in an array. Each must end with a trailing slash or a wilcard *.

In the following example, accessing any of the three listed URLs opens the page. file

  title: Example title
  - /docs/api-reference/on-premise/license-key/
  - /another-example-page/
  - /2020/12/example-blog-post/

# Example heading H1

Example text

Use the redirects.json or redirects.yaml file

With this approach, you define the redirect source and target URLs in a special file in your portal root. The file must be named redirects.yaml or redirects.json.

The file should contain key-value mapping of your source URLs to target URLs in the following format:

  to: 'target-url'
  type: optional-redirect-HTTP-code
  • source-url - required; specifies the absolute path that should be redirected (must start with /)
  • to - required; specifies the absolute path or full URL of the target to which the source is redirected
  • type - optional; specifies the HTTP code to use with the redirect (defaults to 301)
  to: '/new-url/'
  type: 301
  to: '/new-url/'
      "to": "/new-url/",
      "type": "301"
      "to": "/new-url/"

Wildcard (*) redirects

With wildcard redirects you may specify a path prefix that users are redirected from. Wildcard redirects may be specified in frontmatter as well as in redirects.json or redirects.yaml. The wildcard symbol (*) must be at the end of the absolute path (it isn't supported in the beginning or middle of an absolute path).

  to: '/docs/'
  type: 301
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