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Document microservices APIs with the developer portal

Microservices are commonly organized into multiple git repositories. This guide describes how to create a developer portal (using Redocly) with multiple microservices documented together.

Note: These are Redocly recommendations for documenting multiple microservices. You may choose to implement your microservices differently to this method.

Step 1: Organize your microservices API definitions

Set up your microservice APIs so that each microservice API is responsible for its own API definition.

The OpenAPI definition would typically live within the same git repository as the microservice itself.

Step 2: Connect each microservices API to Redocly's API registry

Redocly's preferred option is connecting the microservices APIs to git repos for three reasons:

  • Automated linting
  • Automated bundling (into what we call snapshots)
  • Automated links to previews of the microservices API reference (useful for normal change management process such as GitHub flow, Gitflow, or trunk-based development)

If Redocly's git app cannot be installed due to security reasons (connectivity is blocked due to firewalls, etc.), you are unable to use this preferred option. Redocly has a CLI tool which can "push" APIs into our registry.

Step 3: Set up a developer portal repo (that Redocly can access)

Redocly expects the developer portal source to be stored in a git repository. We recommend starting with the developer portal starter repo, which you can use as a template.

If you do not use GitHub, you can download the template and create a repository in your preferred git provider.

Step 4: Connect the repo to Redocly

To set up the developer portal connection in Redocly Workflows, navigate to Portals > Add new. Add a new developer portal

Follow the steps to connect to your repository.


We recommend enabling previews from PRs (not for branches).

Step 5: Add microservices APIs to your developer portal

To add microservices APIs to the developer portal, reference the external OpenAPI definitions within the developer portal by using Redocly's API registry. For more information, see API Registry.

Redocly's API registry keeps a record of all usages, so when you update an API (in its production branch), the developer portal is updated automatically.

Once you have added your microservices API, complete these tasks to build your developer portal content:

  1. Find your snapshot URLs.
  2. Declare your API definitions.
  3. Add your .page.yaml file. For more information, see Adding pages manually.
  4. Define what to display in the left navigation.
  5. Customize your top navigation in the siteConfig.yaml file.

Diagram: Microservices API with developer portal

Customer Product
connected to
connected to
connected to
rendered within
integrated with
Microservice 1
Microservice 2
Microservice 3
API definition 1
API definition 2
API definition 3
Redocly API registry
API reference docs
API developer portal