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Remove a person from an organization

Using Workflows, people with an Owner role can remove people from an organization.

  1. Log in to Workflows, and select the People tab to view list of people in the organization.
  2. For the person you want to remove from the organization, select the Delete icon. The Remove person dialog displays. Remove person
  3. Select Delete to confirm removal. The selected person is removed from your organization.

When you remove a person from an organization:

  • They will instantly lose access to Workflows and any projects they are assigned to.
  • If the person had the Admin role on a project, the project will not be deleted. People with the Owner role at the organization level are assigned the Admin role on all projects within the organization by default, so the project will still be visible in the organization.
  • Any organization invitations that the person would have sent, that have not been accepted, are canceled and will not be accessible.