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Markdoc Tag Library

This page contains a comprehensive list of Markdoc tags with links to deeper resources where you can see how to use them. Some tags are built into Markdoc while others are Redocly-specific. We use badges to indicate a tag's availability:

Redocly Custom Tag Tags built into Redocly products and available for customers to use in their projects.
Built-in Markdoc Tag Tags built into Markdoc's core that are available to all Markdoc users.

Admonition Redocly Custom Tag

Use the Admonition tag to highlight important information. Choose from multiple pre-defined types like info, warning, and success.

Additional information and syntax: Admonition tag

Example admonition element:

Read this thing!

This tag is useful for drawing attention.

JSON Schema Redocly Custom Tag

Use the JSON Schema tag to render an existing or inline schema in a configurable, readable layout.

Additional information and syntax: JSON Schema tag

Example JSON schema element:


Name of the special event


"Pirate Coding Workshop"


Location where the special event is held


"Computer Room"


Description of the special event


"Captain Blackbeard shares his love of the C...language. And possibly Arrrrr (R lang)."

datesArray of strings(date)(EventDates)

List of planned dates for the special event




Price of a ticket for the special event



Code Snippet Redocly Custom Tag

Use the Code Snippet tag to render a code sample from an external file in a configurable code block element.

Additional information and syntax: Code Snippet tag

Example code snippet element:

    - group: Markdoc Tag Library  
      page: docs/learn-markdoc/tags/
      - separator: Built-in tags
      - page: docs/learn-markdoc/tags/
        label: Partial
      - separator: Redocly Tags
      - page: docs/learn-markdoc/tags/
        label: Admonition
      - page: docs/learn-markdoc/tags/
        label: Code Snippet
      - page: docs/learn-markdoc/tags/
        label: JSON Schema
      - page: docs/learn-markdoc/tags/
        label: OpenAPI Code Sample
      - page: docs/learn-markdoc/tags/
        label: Tabs

OpenAPI Code Sample Redocly Custom Tag

Use the OpenAPI Code sample tag to render a code sample for an API operation from an OpenAPI description.

Additional information and syntax: OpenAPI Code Sample tag

curl -i -X DELETE \
  -u custom-username:custom-password \

Partial Built-in Markdoc Tag

Use the Partial tag to render the content from another file.

Additional information and syntax: Partial tag

Example partial element:

Hello, World! ✋ 🌎.

This content is written in a separate file. Neat.

Tabs Redocly Custom Tag

Use the tabs tag to organize content into a series of tabs that users can switch between.

Additional information and syntax: Tabs tag

  • Tomato (it's both!)
  • Blueberry
  • Kiwi
  • Banana