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This specification extension is supported only in Reference docs integrated in Developer portal 1.1.0-beta.32 and newer.

It requires that pagination: item is configured in the Reference docs .page.yaml file.


Use x-meta to control meta tags in the HTML <head> element for each Reference docs page in the Developer portal. Add it to the operation OpenAPI object.

Before adding x-meta to your API definition, you must set pagination: item in the .page.yaml configuration file. This ensures that every operation is rendered on its own page and can apply the tags you specified in x-meta.

Starting with version 1.1.0-beta.69 of the Portal, an extra object called seo must be added and all field names must be defined in it instead of directly under x-meta. The Examples section distinguishes between the Old and New approach.

Field NameTypeDescription
descriptionstringSets the contents of the <meta name="description"> tag for the operation page.
imagestringSets the rich metadata image that is used when sharing the direct link to the operation page.
keywordsstringSets the contents of the <meta name="keywords"> tag for the operation page. Provide the keywords as a comma-separated list, e.g. keywords: documentation, api, openapi.
titlestringSets the default contents of the <title> tag for the operation page. This title is used in search engine results pages, and when sharing the link to the operation page on social media.


openapi: '3.0'
info: ...
tags: [...]
      summary: Example summary
      description: Example description
      operationId: examplePath
      responses: [...]
      parameters: [...]
        - title: 'Custom page title'
          description: 'Detailed page description'
          keywords: documentation, operation, example
          image: ''