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Compatibility warning

This specification extension is supported only in Reference docs, but not in Redoc Community Edition.


Use x-enumDescriptions to add an individual description for each of the enum values in your schemas. Add it to the schema OpenAPI object.

To map an enum value to a description, use the following format:

enum value name: your description text

Markdown formatting is supported in the description text.

In the documentation, the enum values and their descriptions are displayed as a table in the schema, in the same order as they are listed in the API definition. The table contents are partially hidden and can be expanded on click if there are more enum values than specified by the maxDisplayedEnumValues configuration option.


openapi: '3.0'
info: ...
      type: string
        - ON
        - OFF
        - BAN
        - CAT
      title: Status indicator
      description: 'Indicates the status of the user account. This status is visible only internally to account administrators.'
        ON: User account **activated**
        OFF: User account deactivated
        BAN: User account **banned** permanently
        CAT: User is a _cat_

In Reference docs

Custom enum descriptions in schema