Redocly CLI is now available in a 1.0 stable version. This open source command-line tool with OpenAPI superpowers is an essential addition to any API project.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, robust API management is crucial for developers seeking to build scalable and efficient applications. That's where Redocly CLI comes in. Redocly CLI is a cutting-edge developer tool designed to simplify and optimize API management, providing developers with a comprehensive set of features to streamline their workflow. Built on the foundation of OpenAPI, the industry-standard specification for designing and documenting APIs, Redocly CLI empowers developers to ensure API design standards, produce excellent documentation, and expedite development cycles. With Redocly CLI, developers can build high-quality APIs, and deliver exceptional user experiences with ease and efficiency. Get ready to take your API management to new heights and unlock a world of possibilities with Redocly CLI!

Features to change your API life

📖 Generate brilliant docs, a key ingredient to every successful API project. Use redocly preview-docs to work on your API and documentation locally, then use redocly build-docs to produce HTML (rendered by Redoc) to publish.

🎯 Get your API right every time with API standards and redocly lint. Consistent API standards, compliance and governance make for delightful developer experiences.

🧩 Break long OpenAPI files into smaller pieces with redocly split, so you can focus on what matters. Afterwards, the redocly bundle command quickly recombines the pieces into a single file for output.

📊 Glance at the shape and size of an API with redocly stats.

🔀 Combine separate APIs into a single OpenAPI description with redocly join.

Empower your API lifecycle

Effortless design and development: With Redocly CLI on your local machine, enjoy a responsive experience while designing and developing APIs. Implement your ideas quickly and effortlessly, thanks to the tool's proximity to your work.

Continuous integration, continuous improvement: Integrate Redocly CLI into your CI workflows for consistent quality and stakeholder involvement. Automatically check commits against standards, generate documentation previews, and enhance collaboration for faster iterations.

Streamlined continuous deployment: Redocly CLI automates critical tasks for smooth deployment. Generate publication-ready HTML documentation, bundle OpenAPI files, and transform existing descriptions seamlessly. Optimize efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance business agility.

Your API tooling, your way

If JavaScript is your thing, then use NodeJS and install Redocly CLI using npm, or run it with npx. If not, then you can use Redocly CLI from Docker instead.

With a common configuration file, redocly.yaml, for all Redocly tools, using our VSCode extension or hosted documentation platform is an easy move at any time. Or use the Redocly CLI as it is, in the context of your GitHub Actions, existing scripts, or other platforms.

API future is here

Time to get started!

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