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URL source

To set up the URL source, provide a URL to an API definition. The URL will be polled at regular intervals to check for updates.

Unlike the other sources, the URL source does not support branches. It also does not support using the Redocly configuration file.

  1. On the API Registry page, select Add API.

  2. In the Definition name step, provide a name for your new API definition.

  3. In the Choose source step, select URL.

Choose URL source

  1. In the Source settings step, provide a fully-qualified and publicly accessible URL. Set the polling interval (as a positive integer value in minutes, hours, or days). The polling interval determines how frequently Redocly checks the URL for changes to the API definition.

URL source settings

  1. Select Next to proceed to the Version name step. Provide a name for the API version and select Finish to complete adding your API definition.