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Upload OpenAPI definition

You can use directly uploaded files as your source of OpenAPI definitions. This approach is useful for quick testing and demo purposes.

  1. On the API Registry page, select Add API.

  2. In the Definition name step, provide a name for your new API definition.

  3. In the Choose source step, select Upload OpenAPI definition.

Choose upload file source

  1. In the Source settings step, upload any of the following:

Upload files and enter branch name

If you upload multiple files, you must select the file that contains your API definition.

The branch name you provide will be associated with the file, similar to branches in the Git repositories. You may upload additional files to create previews of other branches afterwards.

  1. Select Upload to proceed to the next step.

  2. In the Version name step, provide a name for the API version and select Finish to complete adding your API definition.