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You can install the extension in a few different ways depending on your preferences.

Find and install the extension in the VS Code editor

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+X or ⇧⌘X to open the Extensions tab.

  2. Type Redocly OpenAPI to search for the extension.

  3. Find the extension in the list and select Install.

  4. When the installation is complete, select Enable to activate the extension in your workspace.

Use the installation command in the VS Code editor

  1. Press Ctrl+P to access the Quick Open console in your VS Code editor.

  2. Paste the following command into the console: ext install Redocly.openapi-vs-code

  3. Press Enter to run the command and install the extension.

Install the extension from a VSIX file

  1. Access the Redocly OpenAPI extension page on the VS Code Marketplace.

  2. Under Resources, select the Download Extension link to save the VSIX file to your device.

  3. Open your VS Code editor and navigate to the Extensions tab.

  4. In the Extensions tab, open the options menu and select Install from VSIX.

  5. In the file picker dialog that opens, navigate to the downloaded VSIX file on your device and select Install to confirm the installation.


You may be required to reload the VS Code editor after installing the extension to enable it.

When the extension is successfully installed, you can access it in the Extensions tab. From the extension overview page, you can disable or uninstall the extension, access the README and the changelog, and check other technical details about the extension.

Update the extension

When a new version of the extension is available, it will be updated automatically. If you have disabled automatic extension updates in your VS Code settings, you can manually update the extension instead.

The Extensions tab will show an indicator next to the Redocly OpenAPI extension when an update is available. You can also use the Check for Extension Updates option at any time to get the information about the latest version.