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The number type is used for any numeric type, either integers or floating point numbers.

All integers are numbers, but not all numbers are integers. The number type allows you to provide values with decimals.

Number data formats

OpenAPI defines additional number formats of float and double.

Difference between float and double

A float has 7 decimal digits of precision and occupies 32 bits. A double has 15 decimal digits of precision and occupies a total of 64 bits.


The following sample schema describes an object with three number properties:

  • mass, without any data format specified
  • temperature, with a float data format specified
  • frequency, with a double data format specified
type: object
    type: number
    description: Mass in kilograms
    type: number
    description: The temperature in Kelvin
    format: float
    type: number
    description: The frequency in hertz
    format: double

schema with numbers


  • SchemaProperties
const SchemaProperties: NodeType = {
  properties: {},
  additionalProperties: 'Schema',