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Use the logo section to display a custom logo in the portal navbar. Add it to the top level of the siteConfig.yaml file and configure supported options inside it.

You must provide the path to the logo image as the value of the image property in the logo object. The image file must exist in the portal project.


imagestringPath to the image file (png or svg) of the logo.-
altTextstringThe alt text used with the image for the logo.The seo.title defined in siteConfig.yaml.
hrefstring (URL)Full URL with protocol logo's link (omit this property if you want to link to the portal home).The portal's home page.
Related options

Customize the logo size and spacing by modifying the developer portal theme.


  1. Common configuration with portal home link
  2. With external link from the logo
  title: Example Developer Portal
  description: Learn how to work with Example APIs
  image: ./images/logos/logo-example.png
  altText: My logo rocks