To display a footer in your portal, you must define its contents in the footer section. Add it to the top level of the siteConfig.yaml file.

Items are displayed in the footer in the same order as they are defined in the footer section. Every item must have a name (defined by label) and a link (either to a page in the portal project or to an external resource). Footer items should be grouped into columns. Each group is displayed as one column.

Related options

Learn how to theme the portal footer in the customization guide.


Option Description
columns Applies the column-style formatting to the links in the footer. The columns section must contain at least one group. Each group must contain at least one item in the items list. Each group is displayed as one column, from left to right with links in the same order in which they are listed under items.
copyrightText Sets the optional copyright text displayed at the bottom of the footer.
external When set to true, opens footer items in a new browser tab or window. This is an optional property that you can use with page and href links.
href Defines the link to an external resource (href: ''). Enclose the links in single quotation marks.
label Sets the name for the footer item (label: Start page).
page Defines the link to a page in the developer portal project (page: developer-portal/
permission When using RBAC in the developer portal, this optional property sets the permission for displaying the footer item. User roles with the matching permission(s) are able to see the item in the footer when they log into the portal. The permission property can be set for individual footer items or for an entire group in the columns section.


  title: Example Developer Portal
  description: Learn how to work with Example APIs
  copyrightText: Copyright © Example page
    - group: Legal
      permission: read-docs
        - label: Terms of Use
          href: ''
        - label: Privacy Notice
          href: ''
          external: true
    - group: Support
        - label: FAQ
          page: developer-portal/
          permission: read-docs
        - label: Contact us
          page: developer-portal/contact.mdx
          external: true