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Applies only to on-premise portal deployments.


The auth section is primarily used with the RBAC feature to define identity providers and their configuration.

Add it to the top level of the siteConfig.yaml file and configure supported options inside it.

Related options

The requestLogin option is related to portal login and authentication. When using a custom login component in the portal, setting this to true redirects all pages to the portal login page if the user is not already logged in.

  • To modify all pages in the portal, add it to the top level of the siteConfig.yaml file.
  • To override the site-wide configuration, add it to the front matter of specific MD(X) and .page.yaml pages.


accessForbiddenBehaviorDefines how the developer portal should behave when a user doesn't have permissions to access specific content. Can be set to 403 or 404. The default value is 404.
allowLoginWithMust match one of the identifiers specified in the idps group. Currently supported only if globalAuthRequirement is set to public.
claimsPreprocessorSpecifies the path to an optional claims preprocessor.
globalAuthRequirementControls the auth requirement for accessing the site content. Can be set to public or to one of the identifiers from the idps group.
idpsDefines one or more identity providers. For each identity provider in the idps group, you must assign an identifier (for example, main) and specify the type. Depending on the type, additional settings may be required, such as scopes, client ID, and configuration URL.


  title: Example Developer Portal
  description: Learn how to work with Example APIs
  claimsPreprocessor: claimProc.js
      type: oidc
      loginWith: OIDC
      clientId: abcdefghij12345
        - openid
        - name
        - family_name
        - email
        - email_verified
        - identities
        - picture
        - phone
        - nickname
        - profile
        - given_name
        - created_at
        - address
        - offline_address
        - roles
        - scope
  globalAuthRequirement: public
  allowLoginWith: main
  accessForbiddenBehavior: 404