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Redocly automatically builds API documentation for all API versions in the registry. The Features page lets you configure features related to the appearance and behavior of your API docs.

Choose the API docs version

To change the product version used for generating API documentation, select the Redocly API Reference Version dropdown.

In the dropdown, you can choose between the latest and legacy versions.

The Redocly Reference 2.0 migration guide provides a good overview of the differences between those versions.

Use the Live configuration editor

The Features page provides a limited UI with customization options for your API docs. If you want to configure your API docs in more depth, select the Configuration button to access the Live configuration editor.

In the editor, you can use any of the supported options from the theme.openapi schema.

Before saving your changes in the editor, you can select the Preview button to check what the documentation will look like when you changes are applied.

Select Save to apply your changes and trigger a new build.

The changes you make in the editor are merged with any existing settings in the Redocly configuration file, if such a file exists in your API version source.

Adjust Try-it settings

The Try it settings section contains options related to the Try-it console.

Find more information in the Try-it console configuration guide.

Configure auto-generated code samples

The Generate code samples section contains options related to auto-generated code samples visible in the right panel of the API docs.

Find more information in the code samples configuration guide.