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Configure the Try it console

Security requirements

The API console supports only the security schemes that are supported by OpenAPI 3.
If you want to support an additional security scheme, contact us for assistance.

Make sure you have correctly documented security in your API definition.

In case of any issues or questions, contact us.

Set up the plugin path

If your console.redocly-reference-docs.min.js file is not located in the same folder as redocly-reference-docs.min.js, then you have to configure location using the setPublicPath method of Redocly Reference Docs:


Disable Try it panel

To disable the Try it panel, set hideTryItPanel option to true:

    '<url to the api definition>',
      licenseKey: '<>',
      hideTryItPanel: true,

To disable the Try it panel for a single operation only, use the x-hideTryItPanel specification extension. Set it to true on the operation level in your OpenAPI definition:

openapi: '3.0'
info: ...
tags: [...]
      summary: Example summary
      description: Example description
      operationId: examplePath
      responses: [...]
      parameters: [...]
      x-hideTryItPanel: true