Ukraine war update

I wanted to address our customers, prospects, investors, and employees about the current events.

War is terrible, destructive, bloody, dirty, and wretched. Nobody wants this.

Many of you know that my cofounder, Roman Hotsiy, is Ukrainian (as is the vast majority of our team). That is 27 other wonderful, talented, and kind-hearted people. Two more people are supposed to start on March 1st.

In the past few days, I’ve experienced an overwhelming range of emotions. The team is hopeful and worried, resilient and vulnerable, and resolved and uncertain. I am too.

  • While they are building bomb shelters for their parents and children, I am pounding the keyboard writing politicians asking them to do what they can to end this war.
  • While they are volunteering for their community, I am donating to support humanitarian and military organizations.
  • While they face compulsory conscription (called “mobilization” in Ukraine), I am ever grateful for my family’s freedom and safety.
  • And yes, while they even shipped a few features, I’m doing more day-to-day operational work.

But this is not what I expect of them. What do I expect? I expect them to stay alive and stay free. And I expect that the rest of the world will do everything we can to make sure that happens.

What does this mean for Redocly? We are resolved and uncertain. We are resolved that our best days lay ahead of us. We are resolved to be the best in the world at helping people consume APIs. We thank our customers for their trust in us. We are uncertain when life as normal will resume. This means more time to think and plan for a better future but less certainty about when that will unfold.

Here is what you can do to help:

  • Urge your politicians to do more to stop this war.
  • Donate .
  • Send kind words of support and encouragement to Ukraine.

And from a Redocly-perspective, please consider joining our research panel, which will help us shape our future roadmap together.

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