One of the best features of Redocly CLI is how extensible it is; you can configure it in so many different ways, and even write your own plugins if you want to. For our established expert users, this is brilliant, but how do you get started? Especially if you're not already a confident coder, or aren't familiar with the tool yet.

Worry no more, help is at hand in the shape of the Redocly CLI cookbook. This is a public GitHub repository containing a collection of extensions and configurations for Redocly CLI, to inspire you and give you a solid basis for customizing your own API pipelines. Because who doesn't see a recipe and adjust it a little as they go along? That's exactly the intention here.

A variety of recipes

The cookbook contains a variety of recipes, suitable for many different occasions. To give you an idea of what's on offer, here's the tasting menu:

  • A selection of oven-ready rulesets, just include in your redocly.yaml and adjust as needed.
  • Configurable rules, including one that lets you ban specific words from description fields.
  • Custom plugins, including one that can update your OpenAPI to sort your tags into alphabetical order.

The existing menu isn't the important thing though, because the idea here is more like a potluck, where every dinner guest brings a dish of their own to share.

An endless dinner party

We know that the Redocly CLI community is full of talented people and innovative solutions. This cookbook provides a place for you to share your best Redocly CLI tips and tricks, and to learn from the approaches shared by others. We have included templates to help you share your examples with us, and the team is ready to review your contributions.

If you visit the dinner party but don't find anything you want to eat already on the table, then you can order from our chefs (this analogy may have reached beyond its natural capabitilies....). Check the list of open issues and add your voice to the existing requests, or add a new issue describing the recipe you had in mind. We can't promise to build them all, but we bet someone out there has exactly the thing you are thinking of!

Get involved

We love talking to Redocly users and seeing what they build, and I hope you'll want to be part of it. Star the repository, contribute your best existing examples, and start ordering more courses from the kitchen. We're building something to share, and it smells delicious already!

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