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Redocly hosts:

  • Bundled API definition snapshots
  • Reference docs
  • Developer portals

All hosting is done on our global CDN powered by AWS CloudFront. All deployments utilize real-time cache invalidations so changes are reflected instantly.

Git Ops

A deployment to production is triggered upon a commit to your default branch. A deployment to a preview URL is triggered upon a commit to another branch, depending on your source configuration settings.

You may also publish any prior version or publish a preview to production.

publish docs

Access control

Access control is available, depending on the plan, to grant or restrict access to the application.

Access control is set per project, and per environment (production and previews).

Custom domains

Custom domains may be used in the professional or enterprise plans. Point the domain's CNAME record to and configure the domain in the project's settings.

custom domain setup

Host your entire website or host your developer portal at a subdomain.

You can also embed it seamlessy into an existing website using a proxy deployment.