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On-premise license keys

To use Redocly on-premise, you need to have a license key.

The on-premise functionality is supported only in our Enterprise plans.

  • If you already have an Enterprise account with access to the Workflows app, you can generate the license key for your organization.

Generate a license key

  1. Log into Workflows, and navigate to Settings > On-premise license keys.

  2. On the On-premise license keys page, select New license key. The License key generation dialog displays.

    • If you have previously generated a license key, it is displayed on the page along with its expiration date and the list of allowed domains.
    • If there is no existing key, select the Generate license key button to generate a new one. When (re)generating a key, you can add up to 10 domain names to the allowlist. All subdomains of an added domain are included by default.
  3. On the License key generation dialog, type in your domain and click Generate key.

You can add up to 10 domain names for one key. Select Add domains under the active license key to add more domain names.

You cannot edit previously added domains for the currently active license key. To change these domains, you will need to generate a new license key.

Any previously generated keys are listed on the page in the History section. You can remove these keys from the list after they expire by selecting the recycle bin/delete icon next to each key in the list.

About license keys

Every license key is a base64-encoded string containing information about the expiration date and allowed domains.

To start using the license key you've generated, copy it from the On-premise license keys page and save it for future use. The key does not need to be encrypted and can be stored in a plain text file.