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Set up Google Workplace identity provider

Set up Google Workplace (formerly known as G Suite) as an identity provider in Redocly using OpenID Connect.


Configure Google Workplace OAuth 2.0

Before Redocly can use a Google’s OIDC Provider via the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol for user login, you must:

  • set up an API project in the Google API Console to obtain OAuth 2.0 credentials
  • set a redirect URI to Redocly
  • and (optionally) customize the branding information that your users see on the user-consent screen when logging.

The steps below are simplified from Google’s instructions listed here.

Step 1. Create a new API project

After logging into create a new project unless you wish to reuse an existing API project.

Click Select a project from the Google API console.

select project

In the pop-up window select your organization and click New Project.

new project

Define Project name and click Create.

create project

Ensure the newly created project is selected.

Go to the API dashboard by either visiting this link or clicking Go to APIs overview.

APIs overview

Select OAuth consent screen from the left sidebar to go to the page.

OAuth consent

Select Internal (limits availability to users within your organization) or External (available to any user with a Google Account) in the screen above and configure your consent screen.

Step 3: Create OAuth credentials

Select Credentials from the left sidebar to go to the Credentials page.

unconfigured credentials page

Then click + CREATE CREDENTIALS from the top menu bar and choose OAuth client ID.

oauth client credentials

Choose Web application from the dropdown.

web application dropdown

Fill in the OAuth 2.0 client name and specify the following URL for Authorized redirect URIs:

Click Create.

A popup will display 2 OAuth related IDs that you will need to copy and save to be used for setting up the identity provider in Redocly.

Set up identity provider in Redocly

Follow our docs to set up an OpenID Connect identity provider.

Use the following values for fields:

Set up SSO for Redocly Workflows

Follow the access control guide to enable SSO access for Redocly Workflows.

Set up SSO for Portal

Follow the manage access topic to set up SSO.


Copy the URL from the portal access control settings page and add it to the Authorized redirect URIs in Google OAuth2 App settings (see previous step 3).

You can either make the portal public and allow login with SSO or request SSO login to access the portal.

Custom claims in Google Workplace

Unfortunately Google Workplace doesn’t support custom claims for OIDC providers. Only SAML apps can contain custom attributes.

By default Redocly will assign the authenticated-user role to any logged-in user and guest to any anonymous user.

You can configure authenticated-user role in your rbac.yaml file:

    permissions: read-private-docs

Then you can require read-private-docs permission on the docs you need to protect.