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How to use the Redocly CLI

With Redocly CLI, you can bundle your OpenAPI definition and API documentation (made with Redoc) into a zero-dependency HTML file and render it locally.

Step 1 - Install Redocly CLI

First, you need to install the @redocly/cli package.

You can install it globally using npm or Yarn.

Or you can install it during runtime using npx or Docker.

Step 2 - Build the HTML file

The Redocly CLI build-docs command builds Redoc into a zero-dependency HTML file.

To build a zero-dependency HTML file using Redocly CLI, enter the following command, replacing apis/openapi.yaml with your API definition file's name and path:

redocly build-docs apis/openapi.yaml

See the build-docs documentation for more information on the different options and ways you can use the command.

Also, check out Redocly CLI commands, for more information on the different things you can do with Redocly CLI including linting, splitting, and bundling your API definition file.