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Invite a person to an organization

In Workflows, people with an Owner role can invite new people to an organization using their email address and assign specific roles to them.

This section describes how to invite a person to allow team collaboration. You can also set the organization level role the invited person will be assigned during this process.

  1. Log in to Workflows, and select the People tab to view people and associated roles.
  2. Select Invite to view the People invitation page. Invite member
  3. In the Email field, enter the email address for the person you want to invite to your organization.

If you have set up access control via SSO, you can invite an SSO user to your organization.

Select Invite SSO user and the Identity provider from the displayed dropdown.

  1. Under Choose a role, select the role you want to associate with the invited person. If you are unsure what these roles mean, refer to the Roles and permissions topic. 5. Select Send Invite to send the invitation. Invite member

The invited person will receive an email notification to join the Redocly organization, and the invitation is saved under Pending invites on the People page.

  • The invitation link is valid only for 7 days. If the invited person does not accept the invitation within the 7 days, organization owners will need to create a new invitation.
  • Organization owners can delete an invitation before it has been accepted by the invited person.
  • Once the invited person accepts the invitation and sets up a password, they can access Workflows with the role assigned to them at the invitation stage. Accept invitation

Invite SSO users

If you have set up access control via Single Sign-On (SSO) using identity providers (IdPs) for your Workflows organization, you can also use this page to:

  • Invite SSO users for an IdP that has already been set up, and
  • Select a member role that will apply for the SSO user once they log in using SSO.

Access control with SSO is only available for our Pro and Enterprise customers.