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Type: array (sequence) of Tag objects

A list of tags used by the document with additional metadata. The order of the tags can be used to reflect on their order by the parsing tools. Not all tags that are used by the Operation Object must be declared. The tags that are not declared MAY be organized randomly or based on the tools' logic. Each tag name in the list MUST be unique.

Field NameTypeDescription
namestringREQUIRED. The name of the tag.
descriptionstringA description for the tag. CommonMark syntax MAY be used for rich text representation.
externalDocsExternal Documentation ObjectAdditional external documentation for this tag.

Redocly orders tags in the order declared in the tags list, followed by undeclared tags.

Further control of tag order is possible with the x-tagGroups specification extension.

Furthermore, control of each tag name display is possible with the x-displayName specification extension and the x-traitTag specification extension.

Redocly recommends using description instead of externalDocs because you can provide more context and more than one link in a description.


  - name: Alpha
    description: This is a **bold** description.
  - name: Beta
    description: |
      This description is using the YAML block to make it easier to write Markdown.

      ## This is an H2 heading

      This is another paragraph with a **bold** word.
  - name: Gamma
      description: Read the Redocly docs

The following screenshot shows:

  • The tags display in the order they're defined.
  • Like the info.description, if a tag.description has an H2, then a chevron appears in the sidebar and the H2 appears underneath the sidebar "group".
  • If a tag is used in one or more operations, a chevron appears in the sidebar and the operations appear underneath the sidebar "group".
  • The externalDocs display as a link.



  • TagList is a list of Tag objects
  • Tag
const Tag: NodeType = {
  properties: {
    name: { type: 'string' },
    description: { type: 'string' },
    externalDocs: 'ExternalDocs',
  required: ['name'],

tag list