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Use x-traitTag to list a tag in the navigation sidebar as a single item, without any subitems (operations). Add it to the tag OpenAPI object.

When a tag has x-traitTag set to true, it appears without any content (subitems, operations) in the middle panel. However, you can add content to its description field, which is rendered in the middle panel. This is useful for handling common information like pagination and rate limits, as you can provide a detailed description for the tag using external Markdown files.

Field NameTypeDescription
x-traitTagbooleanIn OpenAPI, operations can have multiple tags. This property distinguishes between tags that are used to group operations (default) from tags that are used to mark an operation with a certain trait (by setting the value to true).


  1. yaml
  2. json
openapi: '3.0'
info: ...
  - name: sample-123
    description: Example description
  - name: Pagination
    description: Pagination description (can use **markdown** _syntax_)
    x-traitTag: true

In Reference docs

Trait tag in the sidebar and in the middle panel

Related options

Use x-displayName and x-tagGroups to further customize tags.