‘Intrapreneurial’ insurance fueled by Apigee & Redocly

Here’s how viesure and twinformatics, the innovation & IT powerhouses inside
WIENER STÄDTISCHE Versicherung AG, build and maintain airtight developer
experiences using our most popular enterprise integrations.

Startup wonders aren’t only born in student dorms, garages and incubators. Sometimes they’re built by ‘intrapreneurs’ who push hard-tech innovation inside larger companies.

Such is the case of viesure, the Innovation Center of WIENER STÄDTISCHE Versicherung AG and twinformatics, the company operating the Wiener Städtische Developer Portal. We’ve talked to product advocate Petra Herbst about our story together, whose origins she deftly summarized like so:

We started looking for docs-as-code API documentation solutions which also provided a Developer Portal and there Redocly caught our eye🤩

- Petra

To learn what happened next, all you need to do is read on.

Innovation Center of WIENER STÄDTISCHE Versicherung AG, one of Europe’s leading insurance companies.

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Insurance (parent: WStV)
  • 4,000 employees (parent)
  • Developer portal with Apigee and GitLab integration
Petra Herbst

Product Advocate & Technical Writer

OAS, Git, Apigee... An API builder’s busy shopping list

We’ve been looking for a jack of all trades software solution for API documentation including a tryout feature… All this by NOT having to maintain an additional CMS, but using a docs-as-code approach

- Petra

Being on a mission to drive innovation inside WIENER STÄDTISCHE Versicherung AG (#nopressure there), viesure needed all the API streamlining they could get. Especially since this was their first crack at building and documenting APIs using the OpenAPI spec.

Fortunately, no journey is wasted if you know the destination, and Petra and the API team had a pretty clear idea of what they were looking for.In short? They needed API docs that were:

  • Reliable, but packed with features
  • Easy to use, but highly customizable
  • Fully integrated with their specific workflow

Let’s fly through their shopping list (which, well yes, we checked the heck out of).

Tryout capability

API docs are of little use if developers can’t test real-life requests. A functional try-it console was a must.

Full OpenAPI support

This was viesure’s first crack at building with the OAS spec, so they needed full support right off the bat.

Beyond API reference

Adding as many custom developer onboarding flows as they wanted beside the API reference documentation.

No CMS, no stress!

Life’s too short to learn new CMS tools. Petra & co. needed a docs-like-code approach fully integrated with their GitLab pipeline.

Apigee integration

Having settled on Google’s API management, viesure and twinformatics needed an airtight connection between Apigee and their public docs.

Apigee: the Google-sized elephant in the room

Apigee is one of the industry’s favorite API management solutions. Thousands of companies use it to design, secure, and scale their APIs under the mother-hen wing of Google Cloud.

Apigee was viesure’s provider of choice, so any docs and portals had to integrate seamlessly and build on top of it. While Apigee’s native solutions didn’t cut the bill, the team had already found Redocly, and was glad to discover we integrated in full with Apigee.

It was done and dusted that Apigee was to be used as the underlying API platform…

Safety & control via Apigee proxy

Redocly’s Apigee integration connects directly to our Developer Portal, so you can build a custom developer onboarding experience while keeping your APIs secure and accessible on Google’s popular platform.

It works via a secure proxy that communicates with Apigee’s backend, making it possible for developers to test and consume APIs from a browser under the same logic you’ve set in Apigee.

We’ve extended the proxy to our personal needs (i.e. only public products will be shown) and we were able to do so without any hassles.

- Petra

This workflow combines seamlessly with every aspect of Redocly Portals: any portal you build will always auto-update from Apigee and your own source control.

… but neither the built-in developer portal provided by Apigee out-of-the-box, nor custom solutions based on Drupal could meet our high demands

- Petra

How the Apigee proxy works. To learn how to set it up, read this

Need some Apigee in your API lifecycle?

Unlock superpowered integrations and usage on enterprise plans.

Portals + docs-like-code = <3

  • markUpdating the API in the registry automatically updates the portal content
  • markDocs-like-code with GitLab pipeline integration
  • markPreviews on each pull request make testing and debugging a breeze
  • markEasy to customize developer portal starter template
  • markRich visual customization options for portal UI
  • markAdding multiple pages and custom flows beside reference docs

Beyond the easy setup and API management integration, viesure and twinformatics have a no less exciting day-to-day building and documenting their APIs.

With our Developer Portal they can personalize their user flows with custom pages, sections, interactions and visuals that transcend API reference docs. And keeping docs up to date is easy with GitLab connected directly to their docs pipeline, ready to preview and update with every pull and merge:

Everybody on the team uses Redocly regularly and the fact that it’s all in one git repo makes it much easier to access and use [...] Updates and bug fixes are live within a few minutes - who wouldn’t like that? 😉

- Petra

With this tight connection set up, viesure’s portal and collaboration provides a single point of access for both their partners and internal product owners.

The viesure + twinformatics implementation in short

Apigee integration

Apigee integration

Portals perfectly connected to the APIs managed in Apigee.


Seamless docs-like-code without the CMS stress.
Developer portal

Developer portal

Custom developer onboarding synced with API definitions.

Documentation breeds innovation

And the other way around!

We find intrapreneurial stories incredibly inspiring, and love hearing them firsthand from innovators we help deliver APIs into the world. In fact, Redocly itself was born as an ‘intrapreneurial’ project inside Rebilly, a fintech trying to make their OAS definitions easier to consume as docs (Redocly = Rebilly Documentation).

We wish the awesome teams at viesure and twinformatics the best of luck with their API journey. And while Petra praised our support team far and wide…

As we’re reporting everything we find in terms of GUI and other stuff and you fix almost everything within a few days, we couldn’t think of anything to improve.

- Petra

… we know we can do more (looking at you, Apigee Teams integration), and will continue to do so day and and day out. Because when you don’t have to think about documentation being up to speed, you can give innovation the bandwidth it needs to accelerate.

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