We're thrilled to announce the Museum API, a modern, example OpenAPI description built by Redocly to teach you about OpenAPI.

The Museum API was created with OpenAPI learners in mind. The fun, light-hearted examples are designed to mirror real-world API use cases and challenges. For developers, writers, and anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of APIs, the Museum API serves as a useful resource for learning about OpenAPI and its role in delivering exceptional API experiences.

The world needs more OpenAPI examples

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an example is worth at least that many. The goal was to create a robust example that could keep up with the evolving capabilities of modern OpenAPI descriptions. Here's why we chose this example:

ðŸŠī Small, but big -- The museum idea is narrow enough to be realistic, but has endless opportunities to explore and grow.

🖞ïļ Richer examples -- Provides an ideal foundation to build a diverse collection of endpoints, parameters, responses, and more that showcase the beauty and complexity of good API design.

📖 Exceptional documentation -- Demonstrates how a well-crafted OpenAPI description can meaningfully elevate developer experience. Rich documentation fosters a deeper understanding of an API and its capabilities.

Learn more about OpenAPI using the Museum API

Ready to explore the Museum API?

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Learn about the Museum API, a modern OpenAPI example by Redocly designed to teach API enthusiasts about OpenAPI and developer experience.

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